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Eating out vegan… Mother’s Cafe and Garden – Austin, Texas

You’ve heard the phrase, “Brother from another Mother”, right?

Mother’s is a “Restaurant from another Mother”.

Disguised as a quaint, local, run-of-the-mill eatery; Mother’s is definitely from another planet. The planet is made up of people who only shop local, source their ingredients from their own backyard or local farmer, only eat veggies and never where watches. This place exists in its own time space continuum… and that’s why I love it!

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What to order: The vegan pancake of the day and coffee.

What NOT to order: Any of their mexican dishes. I don’t know why they don’t work…they just don’t.

If you are feeling frisky, get a desert. You won’t be disappointed.

Mother's Cafe and Garden - Click here to see their menu

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Vegan restaurants and their hokey names

The title of this post kind of explains it all….

Straight up hokey vegan restaurant names include:

Beets Cafe 

Beet's Cafe is a raw food restaurant on West 5th.

Mr. Natural 

Two locations - one on East Cesar Chavez and the other on South Lamar

Veggie Heaven

Veggie Heaven is near UT campus

Borderline hokey name restaurants:

Conscious Cravings 

Food Trailer near UT campus

 Mother’s Cafe and Garden

Mother's is North of UT campus in Hyde Park.

The only cool vegan restaurant name that is edgy, fun and to the point is…

Counter Culture

This is a food trailer in Hyde Park

Note: This in no way takes into consideration the quality of the food of any of these restaurants. As a guy’s guy and former meat-eater turned vegan, it is just hard to take these places serious based on the name alone. I can tell you from eating at all of these fine establishments, their food is no joking matter–it is all very delicious and healthy!