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7 Easy Steps to a Healthy Life!

So, you’re ready to take the plunge into being a recovering carnivore and don’t know where to start.

Great, I can help with that! To begin, let’s keep the recipes and meal planning very basic. Don’t over think, appreciate.

1. Green smoothie for breakfast.

  • It’s like a regular smoothie, only you add kale.

2. 4-5 smaller veggie, nut, seed and grain filled meals per day.

  • Keep the engine burning all day long. Watch your gut vanish and your energy rocket up, up and away.

3. Get a juicer or find a juice bar and drink fresh juice everyday.

  • Shock your system with raw, nutrient-rich fruits and veggies in a glass. Nature makes the best energy drink out there.

4. Don’t eat first thing in the morning and don’t eat within a couple of hours of going to bed.

  • Your stomach will fool you in the morning by groaning and moaning. Hold off until after getting a light workout in. We also drink a cup of hot lemon water to help with digestion.
  • As for bedtime, your body stops breaking down calories as soon as you fall asleep. You will also feel better in the morning if you don’t have that late night snack.

5. Listen to your body: Eat only when you’re hungry, stop eating when you’re full.

  • Simple, but effective.

6. Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins.

  • 6 to 8 glasses per day and make sure it’s filtered.

7. Cook the food yourself.

  • You will definitely know where your food comes from and how it is prepared if you do it yourself. Plus, it is so much more rewarding when you can say that you made it from scratch.

After these simple steps, the rest is downhill.

Recommended reading to simplify your life and your health. Why should eating healthy be so complicated anyway??

Pick up a copy of Food Rules by Michael Pollan. It is a quick read and will fundamentally change the way you approach food.

Recovering Carnivore Step #3 – Be the change you want to see in the world

Step #3:

We have made a decision to turn our will over to the produce section. We have shut down our deep fryers, put away our steak knives and started going to a Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning.

This is a 12-part series delving deep into each one of these steps.

Everyone has read the infamous words spoken by an even more infamous person…

Be the change you want to see in the world. - Mahatma Ghandi

The point I am trying to make with the 3rd step of a recovering carnivore is very simple: Love your diet like you love yourself. There is no better way  to influence your friends and family, than living the life you love. They will recognize the changes for the better and start questioning their own eating habits.

There is no need to preach about “being vegan”. Practice what you preach and you won’t have to. The extra energy, focus and natural glow cannot be ignored.

There are also some other mental shifts you should consider. Like…

Changing your vocabulary from, “I can’t eat that because I’m vegan” to “I CHOOSE not to eat that because I’m vegan”.


  • I don’t want to have a triple by-pass at age 50
  • I don’t want to have high cholesterol
  • I don’t want to have type-2 diabetes
  • I don’t want to die from cancer.

If you just want to keep it simple… I just want to look good naked.

How difficult of a concept is that?


Essentials books, movies and websites to help your cause:

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If you have any suggestions to add to these lists, please share in the comments!