Why I chose this life

I grew up in a small Texas town. McDonalds on a school night was a treat. We always ordered extra fries for the ride home. Pizza was a staple for movie night. Extra pepperoni, extra cheese, hold the veggies. There were five choices for eating out–Mexican food, Chinese food, Bar-b-que, Italian and Seafood. We didn’t need to say the name of the restaurant, just the type of food.

Don’t get me wrong, we didn’t always eat out or order in. Mama cooked. And it was goo oo oo d. Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, burgers, steaks, macoroni and cheese. My gosh, the cheese. And sodas. Dr Pepper, Coke, Sprites. Bags of Skittles in my lunch box, cake and Snickers and reeses pieces. I’m a little shocked we didn’t have a deep fryer built in the kitchen. Fried shrimp, fried catfish, fried turkey, corn fritters and hush puppies.

Butter might as well be a main dish the way it covered everything. It got baked in, rubbed in, dipped in and on and on.

I know you know that this sounds familiar. I know you are opening the top button of your jeans and sliding down in your chair a little thinking about all this deliciousness.

On New Years Day 2011, my wife and I decided to give it all up in the name of health. If you want to label us, you could use the word vegan. We like to say PLANTSTRONG from Rip Esselstin’s book, The Engine 2 Diet.

My reasons for “going vegan” are plentiful. I will give you two of them here. The rest will be written about at length in this blog.

1. Do you have parents that have the box of pills with the days of the week on the cover? Or do you have that box yourself?

I never, ever want to have that box. And I believe firmly that my life choice to eat the way I do will make that possible.

2.  When is the last time you tried to change something fundamental about your life? Most people do it when they have no other choice. Actually, most people don’t ever change or grow at all. They want the someone else (like, the government) to do it for them… but that’s the topic of an entirely different blog.

About 8 months prior to changing my diet, I gave up drinking alcohol. About a month after the diet change, I started working out regularly. I know now that I can continue to change and grow and push myself all the time. I never want to stay the same ever again.

Change is constant, ever evolving and infinite. With the birth of the internet and technology in general, the speed in which change happens has grown and grown. I want to push and fight to be on the cutting edge of that change. The day I don’t learn something new, is the day I take my last breath.

Choosing to be vegan is not only a diet change, it is a call to action.

Please let me know what you think about this blog… good, bad, love it or hate it. I will give you my truth, I expect you to give me yours.

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