Recovering Carnivore Step #5 – Educate yo’ self

Step #5:

We have admitted that all our ideas about healthy food are crap and that the people who taught us about health don’t have a clue either. We are free to right the wrongs of our dietary past and move on with our lives.

 This is a 12-part series delving deep into each step of the Recovering Carnivore 12 Step Program.

I really got mad when I first heard that the average doctor, who has over 7 years of education, only takes about 3 hours of nutrition courses to become a Doctor.

I mean, these people save lives. At least, that is the way I’ve always viewed them. Doctors are automatic hero’s. They show up at work everyday, they heal, cure and bring people back to life and BOOM! HERO!! It is an amazing thing.

And yet, think about all the lives they could save by prescribing dietary changes to avoid the life saving moments.

We could get into the politics of it all and the money. Oh, the beautiful money. But let’s take a moment to rise above it all…

If we take responsibility for our own lives, rid ourselves of the old ideologies we have about food and eat our way into a healthier existence; we can avoid having to go see a Doctor, to get another prescription, to push our healthcare costs up even higher, etc, etc.

Let’s come together as intelligent, focused and conscious human beings and change not only our lives, but also make a dent in the world doing it.

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