12 Steps for a Recovering Carnivore

  1. We admit that steaks, shakes and fried chicken are our aphrodisiac. The food comas, beer gut and bad health that go along with the indulgence, have gone on long enough. (Read the post here).
  2. We believe that a power greater than ourselves can restore our sanity—FRESH, HEALTHY, LOCAL FOOD! (Read the post here). 
  3. We have made a decision to turn our will over to the produce section. We have shut down our deep fryers, put away our steak knives and started going to a Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning. (Read the post here).
  4. We have made a searching and fearless inventory of our general health and realized that it is complete shit. SAY NO TO THE PILL BOX.
  5. We have admitted that all our ideas about healthy food are crap and that the people who taught us about health don’t have a clue either. We are free to right the wrongs of our dietary past and move on with our lives.
  6. We are ready for pounds to shed, pants sizes to drop and our energy to shoot through the roof!
  7. We humbly ask our friends to forgive our unwillingness to compromise and “just have one hot dog”.
  8. We have made a list all the amazingly scrumptious delights that we have eaten in our past and vow to try to re-create a vegan version of them. (Can we say, vegan friendly chicken fried steak from Green Vegetarian Cuisine in San Antonio??)
  9. We have done research on why those fantastic dishes we once enjoyed will kill us. We have decided that we don’t want to die from cancer, a heart attack or anything else that poor food choices bring to bear.
  10. On occasion, we slip and eat something we are not supposed to. (Big events like weddings, birthday dinners and tailgates are the worst). We are able to forgive ourselves, ask forgiveness from our bodies and move on.
  11. We seek to better understand our plant-based diet so we can better educate our peers and friends. We are always trying to find a better way to be healthy and never stop searching for the answers.
  12. We carry our message to all carnivores that still eat meat. We educate with patience, caring and the understanding that we were once in their shoes. Most importantly, we DO NOT sound like a bunch of damn hippies and whack jobs when we educate. Come on!

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